Linux Documentation Project Howto:
Stable Version Released
Wiki Released

See multiple pages doc… in howto
Problems in pdf files… no image!!!!.Its informed me that it will be soon added


8 Responses to Avr-Microcontrollers-in-Linux-Howto

  1. Hi Ranjeet…

    Good job you have done. Keep it up. Good to see this article in TLDP.org. I had written a similar tutorial referring from pramode sir’s article…

    Good to see a malayalee’s name in TLDP.org

    Using which program have you drawn the programmer circuit? Is it a free software? If not you can use gEDA to draw circuits…

    Hope we may see face to face πŸ™‚

    Jeffrey Antony

  2. ranjeeth p t says:

    Thanks freind.
    I dont remember which free s/w.Thanks for your gEDA help.

  3. nitlogic says:

    Is pic16f84 avr microcontroller or not ? I’m using it in my graduate project

  4. ranjeeth p t says:

    Actually i dont know abt pic16f84 but in my howto u can see all the mc which can be used by using the mentioned packages.there are different categories of avr i think pic come under microchips.

  5. nithin says:

    actually pic16f84 is also a microcontroller but not from atmel.pic microcontroller is from microchip family and avr is from atmel family. comparing to pic uc avr is much faster and cheep.

  6. ranjeeth p t says:

    thanks for your information nithin. Life has changed now in application domain java servlet jsp struts etc ….

  7. Ershad K says:

    Found your article useful, Thanks πŸ™‚

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