About Myself

Ranjeeth P T

I am Ranjeeth P T  an engineering graduate(IT) from Government Engineering College, Sreekrishnapuram Palakkad.

I Love working with Linux Kernel and Embedded

Explore new things and learn more

Now working as Software Engineer at Patni Computer Systems

email id:ranjeeth_gec[at]yahoo[dot]com
Ph no: +919326470189


5 Responses to About Myself

  1. saritha says:

    gr8 work Ranjeeth….
    Its for more than 2 years I hav been using net thru WLL had long searches all theese time to get it in linux….
    awesome work….
    thank u vry much….


  2. ranjeethpt says:

    Thank you saritha

  3. Arathy & Meena says:

    Good job Renjeet…
    Its gr8…..Congratssss

  4. ranjeeth p t says:

    Thanks arathy + meena.
    We have been around 4 yrs together
    dont know how 2 write ur friends name.
    Anyway Thanks

  5. Satheesh C says:

    Thank you for your Avr-Microcontrollers-in-Linux-Howto info

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